CHEF BAKERYThe company works at open air events like (Weddings & Engagements and Birthdays)
Include eating and oriental and western desserts.

1-    Food:-
All food varieties & meals and buffets such as (Sheep, Turkey, Chicken, Rosto, Kofta, and All Types of Grilled food) Which are cooked  at company’s kitchen and transported by equipped cars. There are so qualified workforce and chefs at the highest level as well as the staff of service trained and skilled on a very high degree.
For elegant presentation, special utensils are used like (Dishes, Forks, Spoons, Knives, Tablecloths, Salads dishes, Sweet dishes, and full Manash. Also, Chafing dish utensils are used for hot food.

2-    Oriental and western desserts:-
Chef International company makes varieties of Eastern and Western sweets (Buffets include roles cake & tart occasions and all varieties sweet western and eastern sweet all classes and that through the company store located in Nozha St. – Nasr city.
As well as making the break of the companies includes hot and cold drinks of all kinds and all classes of baked goods needed for this kind of service.
Now,  we are offering this service of drinks and sandwiches and hot meals at Raya Company in Smart Village through the company cafeteria located in Maadi.

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